Our mission :

a continuous protection of resources

In a nutshell

Imageau © is a young and innovative company seeking to bring out to the world the cutting-edge technology developed in the Montpellier Geosciences Lab. It is also the project of an enthusiastic team meeting around a major idea : the protection of groundwater resources by means of an accurate cutting-edge monitoring technology.

Our team

Awards and Prizes

trophee septuors
Septuors - 2017

First prize of innovation and economics contest of the French region of Herault.

trophee ca
First prize in innovation - 2017
trophee hydrogaia
Hydrogaïa - 2016

« KUDOS » hydro innovation prize.

trophee TPE
Small Company Award - 2015

9th in rank

trophee TPE
Startup Award - 2014

Business Awards Franse KvK 2014

Scientific Publications and Dissemination

Baïsset M., Lemaire B., Neyens D., Azraq aquifer overexploitation lead to a global salinization: the use of borehole geophysical monitoring tools to enhance groundwater management (Jordan). Read article
IAH 44 rd-, Croatia Dubrovnik, September 25 - 29, 2017.

Baïsset M., Neyens D., Hebert V., Pezard P., Improved groundwater management from in-situ geophysical monitoring of the Chatelaillon coastal aquifer.  Read article
IAH 43 rd -, France, September 25 - 29, 2016.

Bellot J-P., Neyens D., Jauzein V., Nauleau F., a new dowhole real time and near field hydrogophysical observatory of grounwater quality: salt water intrusion and wastewater infiltration, Géophysique des sols et des formations superficielles. Read article
Collloque GEOFCAN, Orsay, November 13-14, 2014.

Pezard P.A , Gouze P. , Perroud H. , Lofi J. , Denchik N. , Henry H. , Geeraert M. , Neyens D. , Bellot J-P. , Levannier A., Coastal aquifer monitoring and management from high frequency and autonomous downhole hydrogeophysical observatories, Salt Water Intrusion Meeting, Husum. Read article
June 16-20, 2014.

Bellot J-P., Depraz O., Neyens D., Barry S., De Mezzo B., Baqué L., Henry G., Depraz L., Pezard P.A. The imaGeau observatory: moving towards the innovative management of coastal aquifers.
TIAC’12: International Conference on Technology Seawater Intrusion in Coastal Aquifers, Alicante, Spain, April 24-27, 2012.

Pezard P., Henry G., Hebert V., Garing C., Lofi J., Barry S., Perroud H., Rousset D., Neyens D., Depraz O.  A new kind of high‐resolution downhole hydrogeophysical observatory for real‐time saltintrusion management.
SWIM21 - 21st Salt Water Intrusion Meeting, Azores, Portugal, June 21 - 26, 2010.

Denchik N., Pezard P.A, Neyens D., Lofi J.,Gal F., Girard JF., Levannier A., Near-surface CO2 leak detection monitoring from downhole electrical resistivity at the CO2 Field Laboratory.
Svelvik Ridge (Norway), International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 28 (2014) 275-282.

Denchik N., Pezard P.A, Neyens D., Lofi J.,Perroud H.,Henry H., Luquot L. ,Levannier A., Time-lapse downhole electrical resistivity monitoring of subsurface CO2 storage at the Maguelone shallow experimental site (Languedoc, France).
To be submitted to the International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control.

Pezard P.A, Abdoulghafour A., Denchik N., Perroud H., Lofi J., Brondolo F., Neyens D., On baseline determination and gas saturation derivation from downhole electrical monitoring of shallow biogenic gas production.
Energy Procedia 00 (2015).

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