Reservoir Monitoring Device

Shallow water monitoring device

Thanks to parameters relevant to the specific issues and purpose of a given site, dissolved oxygen for example, the RMD(Reservoir Monitoring Device) monitors in real time the quality of waters at all depths of a water impoundment structure such as a dam or a lake.

Automatic monitoring of surface water quality

A better understanding of how the reservoir runs

Lower economic and environmental cost of water treatment by withdrawing better quality water to cut back as much as possible on treatment

The RMD continuously measures vertical water profiles of several water quality parameters such as temperature and dissolved oxygen with the following characteristics :

Measures water level

Energetically and functionally self-sufficient ยป

Online data access to project manager

Continuous high- pace acquisition measurements

Self-sufficient communication system

Real time data transmission to processing centre

The system

The RMD is an energetically and functionally self-sufficient system consisting of :

  • A floating craft to which the control unit is attached
  • A chain of sensors immersed beneath the floating craft
  • Solar panels
  • Batteries
  • An anchoring system designed to maintain the chain in a vertical position regardless of the variations of depth