Assessment of the aquifer

Qualitative and quantitative

Issues and needs

Many reasons may lead a manager to ask for a hydrogeological survey to be carried out. The need to:

Search for new water resources
Qualitatively and quantitatively assess the aquifer
Be informed about how the aquifer works
Determine viable intakes
Set up a hydrogeological modelisation
Have a calculation method to determine replenishing rates
Determine a safety perimeter

The imaGeau solution

Imageau’s survey department carries out all operations. Our experts deliver comprehensive surveys relevant to an optimal management of the aquifer.

Preliminary geological survey
Geophysical prospection
Installing piezometres and exploratory wells
Piezometrical analysis
Tracer tests
Pumping test
Physicochemical surveys


Real time environmental data monitoring.
EMI enables you to displays and interpret data so as to optimize management of the resource and anticipate situations of crisis.

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Main projects carried out assessment of the aquifer