Coastal aquifers management

Protection against salt water intrusions

Environmental issues

In coastal areas, following a decrease of piezometrical levels caused by excessive pumping and/or droughts seawaters may seep into aquifers as far inland as several kilometres. Such intrusions may also be called salt water wedges.
If not carefully monitored and kept under control this phenomenon may compromise the drinkable water supply and economic activity of a whole region.
Close monitoring of salt wedges and accurate data concerning their position are paramount to the optimal management of coastal aquifers.


The imaGeau Solution

ImaGeau offer an integrated system based on three complimentary means.

Field instrumentation

For a complete monitoring of the resource based on the SMD, one of the most innovating underground waters salt water wedge monitoring technologies, coupled to various sensors delivering crucial data paramount to the understanding of the phenomenon.

More info about SMD

Web Application

For a real time visualisation of the salt wedge’s position and all parameters measured

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Hydrogeological survey

Necessary to set up the matrix of an optimal use in regards to the salt wedge. It is based on:

  • The geological and hydrogeological features of the site
  • The data collected by an uninterrupted monitoring process
  • The screen chart-display of all acquired data by means of EMI

A cross analysis carried out by our team of experts leads to a better understanding of the phenomenon. This understanding is a basis to consultancy given to operators and managers for an optimal management of the resource.

Real time knowledge of available fresh water resource

The quantity of withdrawn water can be adjusted to real time data collection

Longevity and ruggedness of the measurement system

Up to 120 salinity measuring spots for a single aquifer

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